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BK Slalom Grevelingendam 5-6 sept

september 7, 2015















uitslag Belgisch Kampioenschap Slalom windsurfen

  1. NED-2 Adriaan Van Rysselberghe
  2. NED-6 Bas Mulder
  3. BEL-6 Jeffrey Van Hoe
  4. BEL-52 Pat Van Hoof
  5. BEL-62 Vincent Valkenaers

2016 : Starboard iSonic Carbon 97 et 114

september 3, 2015

Starboard iSonic 2016 :

Design & Performance
The iSonics are the slalom boards in the Starboard range. They are the boards that have the quickest acceleration, the highestaverage speed and the second-highest top speed in our board range (the iSonic Speed Specials are ultimately the boards that
achieve the highest top speeds).
Fast racing machines designed for the highest top speeds, the highest average speeds, and the quickest accelerations with powerful overtaking abilities throughout a wide wind range.
“The one with the top scores in the widest range of conditions. The most competitive slalom board. Tester’s choice 2015.” PlanchemagSpecial Test 2015

Design & Performance
As tradition demands, Starboard’s 2016 iSonics have been upgraded across the range with all-new shapes, with Starboard’s largest test and development program verifying performance in the different conditions of Vietnam, Maui, Thailand, New Caledonia and Marseille.
The new shape evolutions aim to transfer mechanically more power from the sailor to the board in the light-medium wind models, gain efficiency with new rail shapes and new wetted-surface area designs on key models.

134, 124, 114: 7mm higher rails 0 to 120cm. New deck shape for the back foot to get more toe-pressure: earlier planing, more acceleration and higher top end speed from increased leverage.
Increased leverage transfers more power from sailor to board, with a higher ride on the water.

134, 124, 114, 107, 97, 90, 87: sharper rails at the critical 45cm area of the rail. Increased sharpness improves water release for more efficiency – faster top end speeds, a greater ability to plane through lulls and bite upwind with more power reserve for improved overtaking advantage.

124, 114, 107, 97: new deck shape in the jibe area for more jibing comfort, more toe-pressure and a faster exit from the jibe

124: new outline is shorter by 2cm and the length of the rockerline’s tail flat is increased by 5cm. 1.5cm wider outline and keeping the narrow tail end: the model with the most performance progression board over 2015.

87, 90: the high wind models
97, 107: the medium wind models
114, 124, 134: the light wind models
The 80 has been merged with the iSonic Speed models as a board ideal for GPS Speed and high-wind slalom in one.

114: 1.5cm wider outline and keeping the narrow tail end: second best progression and exact same feeling on the water as the new 120.

87 .: 234 x 60 cm, 5,5 kg, 5.1-7.0 m2, Tuttle-Box, Drake Slalom DW 34 Ready to Race
90 .: 231 x 63 cm, 5,6 kg, 5.6-7.8 m2, Tuttle-Box, Drake Slalom DW 34 Ready to Race
97 .: 231 x 67 cm, 5,8 kg, 5.6-8.2 m2, Tuttle-Box, Drake Slalom DW 36 Ready to Race
107 : 231 x 71 cm, 6,2 kg, 6.2-8.6 m2, Tuttle-Box, Drake Slalom DW 38 Ready to Race
114 : 231 x 76,5 cm, 6,5 kg, 7.0-9.2 m2, Tuttle-Box, Drake Slalom DW 42 Ready to Race
124 : 227 x 82 cm, 6,9 kg, 7.8-9.5 m2, Tuttle-Box, Drake Slalom DW 44 Ready to Race
134 : 228 x 85 cm, 7,1 kg, 7.8-10.0 m2, Tuttle-Box, Drake Slalom DW 48 Ready to Race